Readers need sustained, nuanced election coverage now more than ever

Credit: Blend Images — Hill Street Studios/Brand X Pictures/Getty

Americans’ rights to vote, and to have their votes counted accurately, are the basis of democracy. Those rights are under attack — via insecure elections, voter suppression, grotesque gerrymandering, and other direct and indirect attacks on our central rights and duties in a democracy.

Malign forces and staggering incompetence have…

An open letter to newsrooms everywhere

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is paid to lie for the Trump administration. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty

Please, just stop.

Please stop giving live airtime to liars. Stop publishing their lies.

Please examine what you’re doing. You are letting liars use your traditional norms — which made sense in different times and situations — to turn you into amplifiers of deceit. …

Dan Gillmor

The first rule of a conversation: listen. Bio and disclosures:

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